Turn tweets into email newsletters

Most of your followers miss your updates due to timezone differences, being offline, and the algorithm.

You can't control Twitter. But you can control your email list. helps you:
πŸ’š Select your best tweets
πŸ’š Add optional additional commentary
πŸ’š Quickly and easily build an email newsletter for your "insiders"

Works with Mailchimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, MailerLite, Sendy and other popular newsletter service providers.

No cost. No sign up required. No sign in required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is and how is it different from Twitter's shuttered Revue service?

What was Revue?

Revue was a service acquired by Twitter in January 2021 that helped content creators build deeper relationships with their audience by turning tweets into newsletters.

Twitter shuttered Revue under Elon's watch in January 2023.

Is a Revue clone?

Sort of. takes care of the HTML and CSS, and β€” like Revue in the past β€” makes your newsletter beautiful and readable on laptops and mobile phones alike.

But doesn't send the emails for you.

Why doesn't help you send newsletters?

Revue's deliverability was terrible. Email went undelivered. And what was delivered often hit the spam folder.

Instead of sending emails for you, we'll guide you on which email service providers you can use with your newsletter.

Who built

Michael Cyger built

He started using Revue in 2022 and loved it. But when Revue closed down in 2023, he built his own version of it.

He named it after spending a lot of time researching naming options.

And Michael Cyger is offering for free?

Yes. is 100% free.

It's his way of giving back to the creator community.

Plus, he's using it for his weekly newsletter,

No sign up or sign in? How is that possible? uses local storage on your browser to store preferences information and your current newsletter draft.

Since we don't store your personal information on our server, we don't need to build a login/authorization system.

Can I offer a newsletter archive through is only a tool for building email newsletters.

If you want to offer an archive of newsletters, the application you use for sending your newsletters can do that.

Which application should I use for sending my newsletters?

There are too many to count.

You can use a fully-hosted service like Mailchimp, or a self-hosted software application like

Don’t you use AI?

In the future, we might include AI to help choose the most relevant tweets, write and draft commentaries for you, and suggest headings. But for now it's all you β€” you got this.

What if I have a suggestion?

We'd love to hear it.

Can I use this on Instagram and Facebook too?

Currently, no.

But if you’re interested, please be sure to send us a message on Twitter so that we can collect data on feature interest levels.

Turn your tweets into newsletters.

Built by @MichaelCyger.

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